Monday, February 8, 2010


Okonkolo, the percussion trio we met during the journey, come up to Barcelona to record. Having sent them the music already to listen to, they come prepared with an arrangement of claps and cajon. A luxury...

We meet the day before the shoot in order to do a technical run-through (another luxury!) and simon discovers its quite hard to get a good cajon sound AND a good claps sound, using the typical mic position of a mic per cajon from behind.

We decide to record using the zoom in front of them as well, as a back up.

Amazingly, the weather in february is warm and blue skies, and we record on a beautiful terrace in Borne, overlooking the whole city. A very productive day.

Everyone feels great, but afterwards while having lunch we get robbed by some barcelona tricksters who distract us asking for directions while swiping sandra's bag, which had the Lumix camera in it. We lost all the photos from the session and the profile video, but luckily we were all taking photos of the shoot.

Finally, when Simon checks the audio, the simple stereo zoom recording is so damn good the rest of the takes are ditched right away.

The Zoom H4N kicks ass!

Pepe, Edu and Kike from the Okonkolo Trio
Percussionists (cajón, congas and more)