Thursday, February 18, 2010

MAX MOYA WRIGHT DE "Ojos de Brujo"

Ayesha persuades all round percussionist and random noise man to join in the fun. He comes round to Simon's studio to work on the material, as we will create a new track with him. The plan is a chopped up, spliced video, odd-time-signature floating track about finding your place in the world, searching for an identity. We map out a track with multiple layers of percussion parts that we can layer later in video, to reflect in the editing the message of the track.

Luis, Ayesha, Simon and Max meet up one afternoon on their motos to scoot up Montjuic, overlooking the city, to record his parts. Things go a bit wonky as Simon falls off his bike, and location plan A, the cactus garden, falls through due to fading light and (ahem) it being closed, but we carry on up to Mirador de Migdia, overlooking the industrial port, and shoot all the parts there amongst the trees.

Good stuff.

Max Moya Wright
Percussionist for Ojos de Brujo and Nitin Sawhney