Sunday, July 19, 2009

About us

Culturelinx is a project to visit cross-culture musicians with mobile recording equipment and cameras, to film musical collaborations and interviews. We want to explore concepts of identity and connections between cultures.

With the musicians inspired by previous recordings, layer by layer, we are creating a body of music, videos and lyrics in a mash-up celebration of 21st century life.

Out of all the material we will create a musical documentary that will weave together songs, jam sessions, performances, interviews, road-trip landscapes and soundbites from all of the places we visit.

We have a website that is growing as the project unfolds, showing video and audio clips, maps of the journey so far and even allows for online participation in the project.

Ayesha Gabrielle Mendham _____________________________

Born in Southampton, UK to an Algerian mother and English father, brought up and schooled in Saudi Arabia in an international and multicultural environment, university educated in Brighton at Sussex University (BA Hons Social Psychology) Ayesha then moved to Barcelona, Spain (after a 6 month bout on the Italian island of La Maddalena) where she is now happily living and working as a singer, translator and voice-over artist.

She is manager of DIVA media (; a translations, voice talent and audio production company, co-manager of Xiringuito Music, organising events and managing talent and collaborates with several projects (Lecool publishing, Lust films, Devoraran, Ling magazine, Enpositivo) on a freelance basis.

She is lead singer of band Misnoma and will soon be releasing her first solo album “Of that ilk” which shows influences from North African rhythms as well as Western pop music and utilises her knack for technological experimentation. She sings with professional choir Voxalba and has toured extensively on choral exchange programmes, sharing musical ideas and techniques with choirs from Venezuela, Hungary and Spain, to name a few. She has also collaborated with several bands from all over the world as guest vocalist (See NOVO, Acoustic Cuts Experiment, Syndi-K, Noise Shaper).

Ayesha has always been interested in the idea of identity and social processes and through an untiring lust for life, an interest in Humanistic psychology, extensive travel, and cross-cultural musical collaborations, she has surpassed problems in defining her own identity, to transcend and include everywhere she has lived and loved. A world citizen. Now, as co-founder of Música Sin Fronteras, she has encompassed all her passions in one and hopes to foster more understanding between cultures and help those still in the stage of identity ‘crisis’ to form new ways to see their place in the world.

Simon Smith _____________________________

Musician and producer from the UK, living in Barcelona since 2002.

Before moving, he was working as a professional musician in London. He released records as "Oddtoot" and toured worldwide, most notably as drummer for The James Hardway Quartet. Parallel to this he studied for a Masters degree in Composition from Goldsmiths College.

Now in Barcelona, he runs BCNSOUND, ( a production studio where he composes music for media projects, cinema, advertising and multimedia, working with clients such as Volkswagen, Mediamarkt, Nissan and Red Bull.

He also has many years experience as an educator, teaching at several universities and with the charity Beat Dis in London providing award winning, industry recommended music and internet technology training for the unemployed in Notting Hill's famous Tabernacle Centre.

Being fascinated not just by music, but more generally by technology, the creative process, languages and people, Simon always hopes to use his skills to do something interesting, fun, and above all worthwhile.

"Music has this unmatched power to speak across divides, and thanks to the internet this ability is stronger than ever. The internet has brought about along the unbelievable changes in the cultural landscape over the last few years.

At the same time, in the current critical financial climate, the sooner we mix to learn and understand about each other to breeds tolerance and dialogue (instead of mistrust and fear) the better."

Sandra Weese _____________________________

Sandra grew up between Germany and Bulgaria, with a German father and Bulgarian mother, then went to London, England, to study Graphic Design at Goldsmiths University. She gained her first expieriences in her field working with leading design agencies Die Gestalten in Berlin and VASAVA in Barcelona, amongst others.

After living for relatively short peroids in various European cities like Athens, Paris and Berlin - she finally settled down in Barcelona, Spain, where she now works as a freelance web designer under the name of Stylofoam for selected brands and creatives in the field of music & media. (

She will be responsible for all the visual output, web and "packaging" of all the projects initiated by Música Sin Fronteras.

"The idea to form this association came initially out of the urge to travel with a purpose, as apposed to traveling as a tourist; to take part and connect with the countries you travel to and in the best of cases to leave something of value with the people and communities you meet.

Even though I do not come from the musical world, I believe music can be a beautiful way to share cultural experiences since it is a colaborative exercise, as supposed to the visual arts which don't have the same capacity for sharing the process."

Teo Campos _____________________________

Teo started his professional career in Argentina ten years ago, working as a producer for América TV y Canal 9. Having worked on a wide variety of productions, he has had the opportunity to work with many different cameras and production formats: BetacamSp, DVcam, HD; today he is a freelance camera operator & editor with his own equipment for handling the whole process of pre-production, realisation and post-production.

Teo lives and works in Barcelona under the name El Gato Visual ( ) , where he is involved in a variety of proyects from theater ( Teatro LICEO, Sala Muntaners) to TV & Advertising (Mango, Eastpack) and music-videos (Filippo Landini, Menuda).

As an all-rounder, we are glad to have him with us.

Luis Lungarini_____________________________

16 years ago Luis started working in the production department of various argentinian TV channels (TELEFE, CANAL 9, CANAL 13, TYC SPORTS), in different areas such as entertainment, late night and sports. He was always interested in learning from all the people around him - cameramen, editors, producers and more. A few years later, what started out as a hobby (filming and editing) became his profession.

He moved to Barcelona 7 years ago, first working as a producer for production company here, making "Empresas en Expasion" for Expansion TV, part of Bloomberg.

Soon after he decided to open his own production services company, MediaLabTV.

For the last five years he's been making programs and shooting interviews for channels such as Localia, Cuatro, MTV, Canal Plus, and as cameraman and editor he's worked on many music videos and clips (ELS PETS, MEZCLAT, FESTE FOTRE, FILIPO LANDINI, PLANETA LEM), shorts, corporate videos for clients including La Caixa, IBM, La Camera de Comerç de Barcelona and Ajuntament de Barcelona. He has also kept up with the latest advances in technology and new recording formats, with professional training in digital cinema and High Definition TV. He has worked on various shoots as HD technician.

Luis is a longtime collaborator with our cameraman Teo, so he makes the perfect addition to the Culturelinx team.